All lawyers are required to sign a fee agreement with their clients before working on their case.

To this end, Maître Maëva BAKIR will provide you with a proposal setting out the fee structure best suited to your situation, taking into account the complexity of the case, the work involved and your financial situation.

From then on, you’ll know without surprise how much you’ll have to spend on legal services.

Maëva BAKIR offers three methods for setting fees:

  • Time-based fees

Fees are determined on the basis of the time spent on a case.

As far as possible, the amount of time spent by Maëva BAKIR in handling a case can be estimated at the start of the assignment, when the fee agreement is drawn up.

  • Flat-rate fees

Fees are set globally and in advance at the first meeting, with the customer’s agreement, for a defined service.

In this case, the fees cover all the legal work performed, but do not include the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as formalists, bailiffs, attorneys-at-law, etc.).

Under this billing method, a fee agreement is drawn up, setting out the amount of the fixed fee and the services concerned.

  • Result-based fees

The basic fee may be accompanied by an additional fee based on results, in compliance with our ethical rules.

This additional fee is based on a percentage, agreed in advance with the client, of the sums recovered or saved by the client in legal or judicial matters following a court decision.

The fee for results cannot constitute the sole remuneration.

A fee agreement is drawn up for this billing method, indicating the amount of the fixed fee and the method used to determine the contingency fee.