Corporate Law

Maëva BAKIR responds to all the needs or difficulties which companies, managers or partners may faced during the different steps of their development.

Expertise in commercial litigation:

  • Pre-litigation diligence (formal notices, possible negotiations, etc.);
  • Referral to the Court (compulsory execution, recourse to expertise in event of technical disputes);
  • Assistance to companies in the face of legal action;
  • Amicable resolution of the dispute (transaction/conciliation);
  • Collective proceedings;

Expertise in corporate law: :

  • Corporate (creation of a company, statutory change, etc.);
  • Drafting of contracts (franchise, distribution contracts);
  • Drafting of general conditions of sales / purchase;
  • Buyout / sale of business assets;
  • Protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Monitoring of the life of the company;

Labour Law

Maëva BAKIR advises and supports you in the context of the individual working relationship:

  • Drafting of an employment contract or an amendment to the employment contract;
  • Assistance in the context of the termination of the employment contract (contractual termination, dismissal for personal reasons, disciplinary dismissal, economic dismissal, etc.);

Maëva BAKIR assists and represents you in the context of labor law litigation before:

  • The Prud’hommes Council (dismissal, formal notice, judicial termination, remuneration, undeclared work, allegations of harassment, etc.);
  • The Judicial Tribunal (disputes for professional elections, professional agreements, etc.)

Intellectual Property

Whether you are a creator, artist, web designer, communication agency, production company, Maëva BAKIR assists and advises you in the negotiation, drafting of contracts, assignment of rights, production / publishing contracts, partnership contracts, operating license…Etc.

Copyright :

  • Copyright and neighboring rights;
  • Sui generis right over databases; sui generis sur les bases de données
  • Proceedings for the protection of property rights (claim proceedings, infringement and counterfeiting seizure, free-riding, unfair competition);

Trademark law/domain names/designs/models/patents :

  • Filing of trademarks (French, European Union or non-EU), prior art searches, patent applications;
  • Claims/infringement procedures (trademarks, domain names)

Personal Data Law

The legal framework relating to data protection has undergone changes, including the adoption of the General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data (commonly known as “GDPR”) in April 2016 which entered into force within the European Union on May 25, 2018.

Maëva BAKIR supports you on issues relating to Data Protection Regulation and in particular on the implementation of the GRPD:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the regulations relating to the protection of personal data;
  • Establishment of records of processing, marketing and profiling processing,
  • Drafting of customer, supplier and subcontractor contracts;
  • Drafting of personal data protection policies within the company;
  • Compliance of websites (contact forms, legal notices, data protection policies and cookie management)

Advice and Defense of Influential Personalities

Maëva BAKIR advises and represents well-known people and assists them in all legal issues related to their media activities in order to best defend their legal and economic interests.

As such, Maëva BAKIR intervenes in particular within the framework of:

  • The negotiation and drafting of influencer contracts, modeling contracts, partnership contracts concluded with advertisers in particular in the context of product placement on all social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Etc.);
  • Transfer of image rights;
  • defending the online reputation of influencers and artists, particularly in the event of violation of image rights or invasion of privacy, harassment, cyber harassment;
  • Waiver of anonymity, delisting, deletion of illegal data/content on the internet;
  • Defamation, insult or denigration action;

Representative of Artists and Authors

Maëva BAKIR is also an agent of artists and authors with all the security that the legal status and ethics provide:

  • Confidentiality
  • Professional secret
  • Prohibition of conflicts of interest

Partner and professional serving the interests of the artist, Maëva BAKIR intervenes in particular in the context of:

  • Negotiating contracts on behalf of the artist
  • Representation in the artist’s contractual relations with partners representation
  • Representation when concluding agreements relating to the artist's image

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