Each lawyer must sign a fee agreement with his client before working on his file. 

For this purpose, Maëva BAKIR will issue you with an intervention proposal which will set the type of fee billing best suited to your situation in particular the considering the complexity of the file, the due diligence to be carried out and your financial situation. 

You will know the amount of sums that you will have to commit for the provision of legal services.  

Maëva BAKIR offers three methods of setting fees :

  • Fees for time spent 

Fees are determined on the basis of the time spent on a file. 

As far as possible, the time spent that Maëva BAKIR will be required to dedicate for the processing of the file can be estimated at the beginning of the mission during the establishment of the fee agreement. 

  • Package fees 

The fees are fixed globally, and in advance, during the first interview with the agreement of the client, for a defined service. 

In this case, the fees cover all the legal procedures performed, but do not include the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as formalists, judicial officers, lawyers at the Council, etc…). 

This billing method gives rise to the establishment of a fee agreement setting the amount of the package and the service concerned. 

  • Result fees

The basic remuneration may be accompanied by an additional fee known as “result”, while respecting our ethical rules. 

This additional performance fee is based on a percentage, previously defined in agreement with the client, of the amounts both recovered and saved by the latter in legal or judicial matters following a court decision. 

The result fee cannot be the only remuneration. 

This billing method gives rise to the establishment of a fee agreement indicating the amount of the fixed fee as well as the method for determining the result fee.


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